A brother and sister lead different lives. Their varying attitudes and life choices confuse and separate the both of them. The brother, Chris, is quite cheeky and pessimistic, experiencing a disdain for the city in which he grew up poor in and for his dead-end job as a bike messenger. The sister, Laura, is a gentle young woman striving towards an art degree at a posh university in Edinburgh. We follow Chris on his morning deliveries until one door, instead of the usual, slams in his face. It Is revealed that the woman behind the slam was his sister, Laura. Chris barges in and eventually follows Laura to Calton Hill to tell her that, despite her expectations, he will not be coming to her degree show. Realizing how upset his younger sister is, Chris decides that instead of disrupting things further, he will encourage his sister's dreams, even if he doesn't completely understand them.
Language English

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